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Costume design

I have to say that Kruger’s outfit looks amazing. It doesn’t look like it has been specially made, but looks like someone got it from their attic and just dusted it down.

Can’t wait to see what the fashion is like in this movie

Can’t wait to see what the fashion is like in this movie

:smiley: IB will be a totally different experience. imagine. A ww2 movie by QT, I can’t hardly wait to watch.

Seeing the new footage today and seeing all the costumes other than the uniforms is too much. I suppose it’s obvious now, I love fashion. I’m glad QT’s costume lady hasn’t made the women look like Dita Von Teese rejects (she is a joke)

well I’m pretty sure the key here was the Babelsberg’s experience with period pieces like this. I mean the movie was shot in Germany on a German movie studio lot in cooperation with a German production company. They do have their expertise. Having been on the set I have to say that of course these are just costumes, so they’re made to LOOK authentic but upon closer look they are far from that :slight_smile: but they sure all look snazy in their uniforms and all

Well the costume designer of IB is Anna B sheppard, the same one who’s been already oscar nominated twice before for, interestingly enough, two world war II movies : Schindler’s List and The Pianist. So the lady is quite comfortable with the era, one would even say it’s her speciality.

One thing I wanted to say that I love so far from these images is the costumes theyre wearing. They actually remind me alot of the clothes the characters wore in The Good The Bad and The Ugly and other Leone films. Its almost like the WW2 version of the Leone style (if there had been a film by him set in that time). Like Aldos huge collared green and brown jacket, the leather boots. It just makes me think of Leone for some reason. So cool!