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Cool Stop Motion Remake in 60 Seconds

We entered a contest to remake a movie in 60 seconds and naturally chose Reservoir Dogs. We wanted to do something edgy and put our own spin on things while trying to stay true to the cool visuals from Sekula and Tarantino.

Here is the link to the contest site (hey if you see this before 5pm PST on 25th January you can vote!)

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Here is the link to the original Youtube entry in case the above one expires:

I like it. It’s hard to condense Reservoir Dogs into 60 seconds.

It is hard… we had to make some choices were weren’t really happy with. The flashbacks are so iconic, but with 60 seconds to play with you can’t risk losing your audience and had to straighten out the narrative.

It was a fun process though bcause we basically did an in-depth course on the movie and had to really pick it apart and decide what thread we wanted to follow and fit in the iconic scenes. The Keitel/Orange relationship seemed the most important to get across for us.

We shot enough of various scenes to do a full 2-3 minutes and maybe we will end up doing a Director’s cut for our own amusement.