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Control: Anton Corbijn's first movie

A profile of Ian Curtis (Riley), the enigmatic singer of Joy Division whose personal, professional, and romantic troubles led him to commit suicide at the age of 23.


Official site and trailer:

It’s premiere was last night and I am seeing it tonight! Can’t wait! :smiley:

How did you like it ? It’s out here since two weeks now. I’m planning to see it with a friend to let her know more about the band, which she doesn’t really know. I’m waiting till she gets more money for the theater, ahah.

I don’t like the Corbijn pictures I have seen so far, or his videoclips. But I’m willing to check this one out. What did you think of it Seth?

I couldn’t see it at the Cannes film fest this year, too much crowded and wasn’t showed in the Palais, so smaller screening room. But I loved the trailer and other vids I saw so far. It’s looking good.

I had mixed feelings…

Its Corbijns first movie…so it is pretty damn good…on the other hand…he did some videoclips…

It all looks very nice. Understatement. It looks awesome at times…and it has some nice trackshots. The music of Joy Division, which I love, kicks in at the right moments, but doesn’t last all that long…just pieces and performances every 10 minutes or so…

Now my biggest thing with it is the emotional development of Ian Curtis…which is kinda flat. It is in NO means do to the acting of the actor portraying Ian. He is fab. You just see that Corbijn isn’t able to do it in a right fashion. He kinda let;s Ian Curtis tell you how he feels…but it’s like he directly reads it from his diary. He doesn’t show it but tells it. which sucks.

Its kinda like watching the virgin suicides and getting why the girls killed themselves literally told to you. He should have just let the actor do his work and let the “ow look, Ian is such a genius, listen to the deep poetic genius!” We already know that…it’s already clear that Ian is special. Ah I can’t tell it in a right way. It is just a simplification of a tragic romantic soul. But beautiful nonetheless. Music is very well used and some shots will give you goosebumps. But emotionally too simple and flat.

Go see it nonetheless!! :stuck_out_tongue: :angel:

I’ll recommend this to my sis, she likes Joy Division.

I loved the movie, Tim. I’m gonna see it again with a good friend of mine, I always introduce her into music stuff. The movie was very good but of course you shouldn’t expect anything else than Ian Curtis dreaming life. I know a friend who was disappointed cause he wanted to see more of the band and more of the post-punk other bands (which haven’t started before Curtis died). And it’s more a dreaming interpretation of Curtis life, something more poetic. But I understand what you mean, Tim. Especially the comparaison with The Virgin Suicides is very relevant.

But I loved the movie anyway. Loved the b&w industrial look, the industrial classic english suburbs. The trendy look of Ian. And the girlfriend, the belgian one, love her. She also plays in Der Untergang. She should play more roles, she’s so underrated and unknown.

The good thing about is movie is that maybe we’ll see more good music movies about small rock bands, Joy Division is sure cult but still not as much known by the average (except in England maybe) than other huge bands like The Clash or The Cure from the UK.