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Next to the “Tarantino Connection” Compact Disc that features lots of soundtracks there are farious other compilations.

I’ve seen one that was entitled “Tarantino’s favorites” and had some songs of his movies on it, and some others.

what other (mostly not so official) compilations do you know? are they any good?


I dont know any compilation other than the ‘Tarantino Connection’ which i own.

I own

Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

Jackie Brown Soundtrack

Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack

Desperado Soundtrack


Tarantino Connection

how about you? Or anyone else who comes to see this post. :slight_smile:



Check out this link:

You can buy the Tarantino Connection, the Pulp/Dogs soundtrack, an Interview CD or Tarantino’s favorites for low prices there.

I own 3 of them and those compilations are just nice listening on a rainy afternoon. That’s the nice thing about Tarantino’s movies: the soundtracks are just good for every situation, not just a score you can only listen to when watching the movie.