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* sigh * I got this QT collection box in a record shop here in Antwerp and this was in it:-Pulp Fiction,Jackie Brown,From Dusk Till Dawn. Now I come on the QT Archives and it says Reservoir Dogs should be in it???

no, in belgium its the same as holland…20 euro’s for FDTD, PF and JB…I bought it for a friend of mine…

me personally, I need those collectors edition…they are sooo fucking cool…but yeah 20 euro’s for 3 kick ass movies is a good deal…and its a nice box that looks great on your shelf!

true idd but shouldn’t Reservoir Dogs be in there instead of FDTD??

yeah, I wondered about that myself…because FDTD is a RR movie…and yeah RD should have been in there…

well it probably has to do with marketing…just making more money this way…I guess…

It would be cool if they made a BIG collectors box…with all his movies on collectors edition dvds…with all the soundtracks…a special poster and a bonus dvd with more interviews and fun stuff…and to top it…a bad motherfucker wallet…it would rule…

I have that box too. Its cool. But its without any extras. And if you want RD its for 9,99 for sale in the same shop you bought the box.

Yeah I got RD with the Red dvd cover.It has this QT Introduction etc…nothing much though…

Reservoir Dogs isnt in the box because the rights for that DVD are with another company.

Yeah but the box on tarantino archives does include RD. :-/

on, i’ve listed 2 boxes: the UK Box and the German Box. Both have Reservoir Dogs in it. I dont know what you bought there.

but i generally advise against boxes. they aren’t cheaper than buying them seperate

yeah but u get a box!

[quote]yeah but u get a box![/quote]

Unless they have a pretty cool package, boxsets are pretty useless, especially if you like to sort your dvd's in alphabetical order.

Unless they have a pretty cool package, boxsets are pretty useless, especially if you like to sort your dvd’s in alphabetical order.

exactly. and mostly the packaging is just a cheap cardboard box thing with a useless coloration thing going on. I prefer to have them all seperate. A good example for a box though, is the Lethal Weapon DTS Box or something, because they all start with the letter “L” anyway

Huh?? The box is way cheaper then buying them seperate.

It only cost me 19 € (about the same as $).