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"COLIN" - Zombie short success at Cannes!

It was a 70 dollar feature, it is a zombie film done through the point of view of a zombie!

Read about it here:

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And watch the trailer here:

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Could it be? Has the next Romero risen?!

I THINK YES!!! :o ;D ;D ;D

I think this is going to create another zombie subgenre that is more or less in the “silent film” category, just like the old silent film creatures like “Nosferatu”. But I think Land Of The Dead and Day Of The Dead both featured zombies that shared a bit of their point of view more or less.

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Here’s the myspace clip.

(Again I can’t help but to feel sorry for Romero. This guy is just like The Ramones, this has that Diary Of The Dead starkness to it, yet some Brittish guy redoes it and all of a sudden he’s the new guy. But still the film looks so damn good, and it was done without a single budget. Zombie films are definitely coming back!)

So is it a short or a feature? Your title says it’s a short but the article you linked to calls it a feature. I could see it working as a short but 90 minutes of a “$70 homemade film” that follows a Zombie sounds kind of excruciating. The trailer alone was kind of hard to get through. But then again the trailer kind of failed to give any sort of impression as to what to expect from the film besides a shaky camera man and British accents.

I haven’t seen the film. Why so negative, a lot of people liked it.

I’m beginning to think this guy is right:

I haven’t seen the movie either and wasn’t being negative about it. I said it could make an interesting short film and pondered how it could be an enganging feature length film that’s all.

I watched the trailer though and that’s what I commented on. It blew chunks. It was a bunch of meaningless shots of nothing mixed with "smash-fade to blacks’ that transitioned to more shots of nothing. It looked like a little kid trying to rip-off the Texas Chainsaw Remake’s trailer.

If they had done something to show how they were gonna make following a Zombie around both logical and entertaining I’d have good things to say but they didn’t. It just looked like another no budget Zombie movie with shitty camera work.

An original idea isn’t enough, you’ve got to prove that you can turn that original idea into an entertaining film and this trailer failed miserably at that.

And lastly. What the fuck does Eli “fuckin’” Roth know about either original or good horror? And how fucking ignorant does he have to be to lump horror fans in with the tendencies of mainstream movie goers? People go to see the remakes and the PG-13 carbon copy “thrillers” because the studios don’t give the “original ideas” full releases. If my local cinema would play independent horror movies I’d go see them. But they don’t, so I fork over my cash for things like My Bloody Valentine 3D.

Eli Roth, with that comment right there has cemented himself, in my mind, as the epitome of a talentless loser. That whole “My shit failed because you don’t get it” mentality is beyond juvenile.