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Coffeeshop/Hashbar in Amsterdam real? (From extended Jackrabbit Slim's scene)

I was just wondering if any of you know

if the hashbar exists for real

that is mentioned in the deleted scene

on the Pulp Fiction SE DVD (Disc 2)?

That’s what I found out so far:


  • [*]3 blocks away from the [b]Anne-Frank-House[/b]
  • [*]to me the name of the bar is [b][i]The cobra[/i][/b]
  • [/list]

    I already checked and and yes, there is a bar called “The Cobra”. (

    But it’s much more than three blocks from the Anne-Frank-House away.

    I’m going to Amsterdam tomorrow and so I don’t wanna miss visiting that important point of interest.

    So, anybody can help?

    Hi, sorry for my late answer but I just come to be registered. The Cobra changed name since 2004, it is called now “de rokerij”.

    Adress: elandsgracht no 53 (500 meters from Ann Frank’s House)

    <LINK_TEXT text=“ … index.html”></LINK_TEXT>