Closing the Gaps: A 10-Part Series on Tarantino's Career

“Closing the gaps” is a new column at the Quentin Tarantino Archives. In ten installments I am highlighting certain points in QT’s career, be they TV appearances, cameos, producing efforts or theater. We welcome your comments and discussions about the series in this topic.

PART 1: Eddie Presley

PART 2: ER (Emergency Room) “Motherhood”

PART 3: Killing Zoe

PART 4: The Golden Girls

PART 5: Steven Spielberg’s Director’s Chair

PART 6: Wait Until Dark or Sleep With Me
PART 7: Somebody to Love
PART 8: Dance me to the end of love
PART 9: Past Midnight
PART 10: My Best Friend’s Birthday

Excellent idea! A good way to do a retrospective on QTs work!

thanks. I figured I’d to this and see what I can learn from doing it, gather the feedback and then somwhere in between do the restrospective we’re voting on, or do it afterwards

Sounds great.

Looks great Seb

thanks, I appreciate it. hope you dig the review

Good idea to highlight more unknown parts of QT’s career. Plus if we gather further infos, can only be good for the wiki too.

Seb made a good choice by going with the lesser examined works.

plus I can use those to fill in on days where there’s nothing else to report :wink:

I find it funny that QT was in a movie about Eddie Presly and Kurt Russell played Elvis Presly in Forrest Gump, and Bruce Campbell also played the king in Bubba Ho-tep as well… very interesting.

Kurt acted with Elvis as a little kid in It Happened At The Worlds Fair, played Elvis in John Carpenter’s 1978 TV movie, did the voice for Gump then dressed up as Elvis impersonator in the crime flick 3000 Miles to Graceland.

hehe I bet he really hates Elvis by now ;D

new episode is up, see Frontpage

comments welcome, also reviews of the episode. I was too lazy to write more

Nice, Seb. I think I’ll rewatch this episode once. It’s been such a long time I haven’t. Even if I’m still an ER addict.

OK, I just noticed something that wont stand man. Read this sentence:

“We all know perfectly well how it starts. There’s usually someone being hauled into the ER, bleeding like a stuck pick”

Whats wrong with that? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

btw this series is not dead, it will resume in march :wink: (or maybe earlier)

btw this series is not dead, it will resume in march :wink: (or maybe earlier)

Good to hear. I loved the first two.

New issue up!

I have been in love with Killing Zoe for the longest time. Incredible movie. I stumbled upon it one day on cable and had to own it. I wish I could get the directors cut, but I’m no Landa. :wink:

I love Killing Zoe!!! Can’t wait for the Golden Girls. It’s hilarious to watch Quentin’s Elvis impersonation. Maybe you should you should do one on Destiny Turned the Radio On. hehe ^…^