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Clinical trial test new drug while he was a student


i have heard that Quentin had been a volunteer to take part in a medical trial while he was a student , and while he was at the hospital he had plenty of time to write his first scenario.

can you confirm this allegation and tell me the name of the film he was working on, while he was a “guinea pig”

thank you ! (this information is important to me)

That was Robert Rodriguez, not QT.

that’s bizarre i really thought i heard QT

do you know any others filmmakers who became “guinea pigs” while they were students, by any chance ?


Do you wanna have the same experience or what ? ahaha. You know, you can be inspired in another way :wink:

yes i had been myself a guinea pig (phase I trial) and i am currently writing a book about this issue

Ok, sounds interesting then. Good luck :wink:

I was a guinea pig once…everything was cool until they did the electric-shock treatment…uh…doc says I’m much better now. ;D

Ahah, did they really do the electric shock treatement to you ? :o

That was part of a quote from “The Color of Money”. One of my favorite movies-Scorsese directed it.

Ahah ok. Pretty cool film indeed, not my fav by Marty, but a good one. I didn’t remember the quote though, I haven’t seen it since a while.

read robert’s book rebel without a crew