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Charlie & The Chocolate Factory


I’m not big on Tim Burton (With the exception of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure), but this movie is really good stuff. Before seeing the film, I had heard lots of rumours of it being about the entire book. Charlie inherits the Chocolate factory, and becomes his own Willy Wonka in the novel. Not only was this not explored in the film with Gene Wilder, it was barely mentioned. In Tim Burton’s Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, the last 30 minutes go semi-into what becomes of Willy Wonka and Charlie Bucket. Alright, let’s get into the meat and potatos. C&TCF is visually stunning. From the minute the opening credits kick in to the minute the end credits make their appearance. One thing I can credit Tim Burton for is creating a completely likeable and at the same time a completely weirded out feeling for the settings of his films. C&TCF is no acception. The Chocolate Factory is marvelous. There is a river made of, get this, CHOCOLATE!!! (Complete with a waterfall, you know, to make the chocolate light and frothy.) Every area in the factory serves a specific purpose, but at the same time remains to be completey inane to anything. The Oompaloompas’ are the cornerstone of the film, giving the audience campy songs whenever one of the five children meets their “demise” in the factory. Each song has a different genre. Really cool stuff. One song resembles an old funk/pop lick that could have produced by George Clinton! Speaking of the film’s music, Danny Elfman really came into his own in this film. The acting was pretty decent. Johnny Depp is a scene stealer, but it’s great stuff. The shit he says is gut-bustingly funny. If you get a chance, smoke a little pot before seeing this film, it enhances it greatly. If that’s not your thing, so be it, you’ll still enjoy the flick greatly!

Just what I need to hear. :smiley:

I saw it and I really liked it. Tim Burton is great and so is Johnny Depp, so it had to be great. The Oompaloompas were hilarious along with Johnny Depp. I hated the fat German kid, Augustus.

Hell yea! This movie kicked ass. It was definately funnier than I thought it would be. Johnny Depp is awesome on his own but when he teams up with Burton it’s pure genius. I can’t wait till I get to see it again.

Woh, I thought this movie was gonna suck. Sounds like u QT fans enjoyed it, I’ll have to go see it.

I heard it is even better on IMAX-- anyone see it on IMAX yet? I am debating if I should spend the extra bills to do this, or if the regular theater is just fine…