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Charlie Kaufman

The greatest screenwriter that has ever walked this earth. I really think Charlie Kaufman is bar none one of the best storytellers in the history of cinema, his structure is beyond what anyone else can conjure. For example, if you look at Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind you’ll see him break every single “principle” established by screenwriting lecturers. It’s also interesting how he chose Clementine’s hair color to bridge time in the movie.

"Eey, yo Marty! You know who we got here…muthafuckin’ Charlie Kaufman!"

Has anyone in this board ever seen Confessions Of a Dangerous Mind? Well if you heven’t you should, the movie was directed by George Clooney and it is terribly underrated! This film is a genuine masterpiece, it starts pretty slow but it really picks up. Here are a few Charlie Kaufman screenplays that I’ve been reading, they’re just brilliant.

Sures Confessions Of a Dangerous Mind is so underrated, it should be much more seen by people. And sure, Kaufman is one of the best screenwriter, if not the best. But Eternal Sunshine stays like my ultimate reference in term of originality of the screenplay, directing, actors directing, sets, everything actually. The whole movie is a real definition of what originality should be. Modernity in cinema is supposed to be around the sixties and seventies, which is sure true. But I think there’s also a new sort of modernity in the current cinema, Kaufman and Gondry being in the top list of modern artists.

charlie kaufman is the shit. I have all the movies he wrote except Confessions of a dangerous mind (which is amazing). I think eternal sunshine is the best, then adaptation, then being john malkovich, then confession of a dangerous mind, then human nature. Can’t wait to see what he has next.

His new movie will be Synechdoche, New York - his directorial debut!

I’m looking for that, not sure he’ll be as talented as a screenwriter. But can be pretty interesting.