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[CD] The Tarantino Connection

Can someone type down the interview on the THE TARANTINO CONNECTION CD for everyone to read? I think I’ve lost that interview somewhere…

yeah boss, I’m on it.

I was recently walking through my local store where I buy CDs. I am looking through the soundtracks and I came across “The Tarantino Connection.” Seeing the word Tarantino on the cover I had to buy it. Incase people don’t know, The Tarantino Connection is a selection of the best music QT has used in his films. Music from Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, From Dusk Till Dawn, True Romance, Desperado, Natural Born Killers, and Four Rooms. It also includes the interview from the Pulp Fiction SE Soundtrack split up into to files. If you also own this soundtrack just chat about how fuckin’ awsume this CD is!

A little more info here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … &Itemid=48”></LINK_TEXT>

A great C.D! The interview intros really kick the songs in, just like the soundtracks.

yeah its a great compilation. it cant replace a collection of all soundtracks, but its a great start, plus you have some interview excerpts and nice liner notes