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Cathryn Jaymes


Has anyone else seen this?

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So in the article the author basically blames Tarantino for Jaymes’s breast cancer. Seriously that is a big call. Just wondering what people think?


OMG. This author has a serious dislike for Quentin, obviously. Business is business, and it’s no one’s business but QT’s now. Why some people insist on drudging up shit like that is crazy to me.


I can’t imagine anyone remembering the exact phone call word for word from the 90’s. Everyone changes the stories over time to fit their needs. He hates Quentin so of course he would believe the worst and exaggerate the truth. ::slight_smile: Its sad that he cant move on because holding grudges after so many years is pointless!


If she was such a great manager to him, how come it took Lawrence handing the Reservoir Dogs script to his acting teacher, who eventually got it to Harvey Keitel, to finally get it made? Seems to me that if she wasn’t able to sell any of his work, then he would be right to let her go.

The worst thing is that people are going to read this article and remember it. People who wouldn’t look past the author’s unexplained hate for QT, or see the fact that she was one of God knows how many managers to be fired by their clients because they were no longer needed. I don’t blame anyone for firing someone who sucks a 10% commission when they aren’t needed. Yeah, it sucks, but that’s business.


You know, offending famous people in press/books etc. is the easiest way of gaining interest of a stupid mass. Why would mr Tarantino want to keep her if he did not need her anymore? She did her job well and that is remarkable indeed, however, the time when he could manage things by himself had come. Should he keep her just like people keep pets and pay her cold, hard money just because she helped him in the past? Firing her was traumatic? Welcome to Holywood.

Plus, it’s obvious that the author wasn’t there, neither while the phone call nor the time of their cooperation. Since Cathryn James is dead and it’s impossible to verify these words, one can write whatever he/she wants.

And I don’t get the thing, how the hell can mr Tarantino be blamed for her illness?


I agree. There’s a reason you don’t see people that are that sensitive and fragile working in any major cutthroat industries, especially Hollywood. Because they can’t hack it. They get weeded out.

I really feel bad that she died at such a young age, but for this author to use her death and illness as NOTHING more than a reason to drag QT’s name through the mud is fucking despicable. This article was more about trash-talking Quentin than it was about honouring Cathryn Jaymes.

Somebody needs to be bitch-slapped.


It’s OK, you know, to realize that people in the real world aren’t all good or all bad. This isn’t a movie. You don’t have to feel bad because Don Murphy and Sharon Waxman reveal some unpleasant truths about the guy. The fact is, it IS the truth, and that’s how you gotta love him – warts and all. Even genius filmmakers can be occasional (or frequent) assholes. It’s OK.

He dumped Cathryn unceremoniously after years of sleeping on her couch, borrowing money from her, eating Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with her.

It’s like that old joke:

Q: Why do dogs lick their balls?

A: Because they can.

He could. And he did. And I’m sure he put her out of his mind from that day forward. He didn’t need her. Simple, right?

No-one has asked whether he showed up at the funeral. That would be an interesting thing to find out, don’t you think? That would be, you know, telling.

Cathryn Jaymes was a good, kind, hardworking and solid person. May she rest in peace.


I wouldn’t dispute her awesomeness as a person. I didn’t have a clue who she was til this article. But come on… She had Quentin Tarantino as a client. How the FUCK could she not get that shit sold? Why should he have kept her on commission when she wasn’t responsible for a dime he made?

I don’t hold QT in some higher than human light. He’s human, and he can be quite the jackass. Yes, that’s part of why I love him. My beef with this article is that the “author” of it made it sound like she’s dead cos Quentin fired her. If I were QT, I’d have fired her. Sure, she may have taken care of him when he was struggling, but if she’d have been able to sell his work, she’d have been sitting pretty. She didn’t sell his work. She let him sleep on her couch. That’s awesome of her. I’m sorry she died. But it’s in no way, shape, or form Quentin’s fault. Ridiculous.


That’s right. Modern Hollywood is a place of massive egos, Quentin’s ego is so BIG, that it would take the buzzards 100 years to feed off from it.

Now that’s BIG.

Truth of the matter is, I remember an interview when QT got his wax figure made, I think it was Kimmel who asked him about Hitchcock, and he said something like “He was alright, I can take Hitchcock…yada-yada”, and beyond that he actually called Kubrick a “pussy”…

To me that shows a terrible lack of respect for filmmakers like Hitchcock who made over 100 films during the silent era, all the way to the fucking 70’s! Quentin has made only 5 films, and look at the size of his fucking ego! Now imagine if he had Hitchcock’s credentials: North By North West, Spellbound, Suspicion, Rebbecca, Notorious, Psycho, Vertigo…and the list goes on!

And now look how humble Hitchcock was, he never said he could take on William Wyler or made any grandiose comments about himself, instead he talked about his form and never bad-mouthed other filmmakers.

I like Quentin’s movies and that’s where it ends. Can he be a heartless bastard? Maybe, I don’t know because I never met the guy, but I sure would not dismiss it. When people get the things they actually worked hard and hoped for, they never look back to see where they came from.

Anyways, I’m a little too old to be talking about some one else’s life.

So hey, I met this Asian girl and she totally had herpes.


I saw that interview, and you’re taking what he said way out of context. He said he was flattered that he was their first choice for a wax figure of a director. He asked if they had Hitchcock, since they were talking about the “old hollywood”, and they said that if he’d have said no, then they were going to do Hitchcock.


[quote=“Lt. BioBasterd”]
…he actually called Kubrick a “pussy”…

So hey, I met this Asian girl and she totally had herpes.[/quote]

I call BS on both of these.

I didn’t see the part where he calls him a pussy, you can’t do that on Kimmel anyway, so yeah.


[quote=“Sgt. Geoi Donowitz”]OMG. This author has a serious dislike for Quentin, obviously. Business is business, and it’s no one’s business but QT’s now. Why some people insist on drudging up shit like that is crazy to me.[/quote]

To be expected though, in this cesspit that we call the internet