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Cat Girl Kiki and the Akihabara trilogy


Holy shit, why didn’t I notice that thread earlier?

Sounds like a movie I’m gonna end up buying, anyway.

Cat Girls . . . hmmmm . . . I’ll better stop now.

Just watched a short teaser, but actually I’m too embarassed to post it up here.

The “From the producers of Gamera”-part was hillarious, though.

I know, I know…

I wanna go back to japan and find my own cat girl.

Well, two sole, anonymous users at Yahoo! Movies gave it an A+ rating.

So this must count for SOMETHING, right? ;D

Awww…she’s so cute. :smiley:

Awww…she’s so cute. :smiley:

That pic would be my desktop if Aya didn’t exist.

But seriously, that pic is incredible. It’s the definition of all good things :smiley:

Mieuw mieuw.

amazon says 1.78:1

Now, who’s gonna buy it and confirm the aspect ration? Dice… :wink:

Well, I’m not THAT drunk. Or wait . . . am I? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, check back; depends on how my financial situation looks in a few months. You know, I still got to work up on a whole lot of IMPORTANT movies.

What could possibly be more important than a sweet cat girl Kiki??? Ah, I wanna hold her in my hands (but gonna have to settle for holding the dvd in my hands :’()

Seen Kiki now. She’s sweet, and the movie’s great for the first 2/3. If you have even slight understanding for Japanese geek mentality and kawaii culture this will make you laugh at least 20 minutes non-stop starting from the first scene. The last third goes downhill, although the very last scene is thankfully decent. Yui Kano is equally charming and silly as a lovable neko shojo.

Also saw Legend of the Doll. Has some terrific nerd humour and not really a bad movie at all but doesn’t have the same heart as Kiki.

The R1 dvds are anamorphic widescreen, btw. I think kiki was even progressive, something I wasn’t expecting.

already posted in the diary, but here goes with caps

Pretty Maid Cafe

From the director of Cat Girl Kiki comes another love story, only this time without fantasy elements. Well, without supernatural fantasy at least. A geek falls in love with a maid after a massage session (they provide such services nowadays, too). The humour is good, and the love story cute for the most part, but there’s an unnecessary stalker sub-plot. Unlike in the other two Akihabara films, there’s no special appearance by a former av-star, meaning no skin on display. The lead lady, Kotono Higashi, however takes it to pretty strong gravure line, which should be obvious at latest in the scene where she wears red bikini while exercising. Unfortunately she later slipped into av. A real shame, as her performance here packs a very decent amount of cuteness. You’d think that would’ve been enough to earn her a living in the model market… or as the most popular maid in Tokyo.

So, Kiki remains the best film in the trilogy, followed by Maid Cafe.