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Cartoons and Animation

Here are some little cartoons/animated clips I did awhile ago. To make these, I drew freehand on a computer (with a mouse) then used Flash to animate them.

Nice stuff. I like the Confuscious quotes. Here are some of my favorites:

Lady who walk bow-legged not always horseback rider

He who wear lowrider pants high on crack

He who stand on toilet high on pot

He who have hand in pocket all day feel cocky all day.

Haha! I like those too!

Note: 3rd toon down was made for a friend. He wanted a toon of Alonzo Mosely holding Jack Walsh’s head (from the film Midnight Run).

Heres a few panels from a comic strip I did called Film Inc.:

Early 80s flashback

Cool. I like how you made fun of how people always bitch about the weather.

Heres a new one I did for a friend:

Reposts of FILM INC. comic strips:

ahahah i love the kill bill one of go go.