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Cars & bikes in KB

If you wanna talk about the cars or motorcycles which are used in KB, please use this one topic.

i will copie the old topic in this one later on.

Someone asked about the car, Bill drove in the movie:

Mr. Bill answered:

The correct name of the car is:

De Tomaso Mangusta

Maybe it’s a 1969 build car.

Here’s a picture of that car:

Check the following link for more great detailed pictures.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … a_1969.php”></LINK_TEXT>

Unfortunately it’s not mine…

Constranded posted a link to the Bride´s car:

JJ gave this link:

Swan posted:

Uma’s motorbike in KB1 is a Kawasaki ZZR-250, painted yellow and black, bacause it was not an original set of colours