Cannes Cut differences

Hi Everyone,

I want to create an approximation of the Cannes version of Kill Bill using the Japanese DVDs. Below is a list of questions that I came up with during the planing. I’d appreciate if anyone who saw the Cannes print could provide some answers.

  1. Company logos: are they the same as on Kill Bill Vol.1? (Miramax, Shaw Brothers, ‘Our Feature Presentation’)
  2. When the Bride pushes Sofie Fatale down the hillside in front of the ER, you can see she still has one of his arms. Does that shot appear in the Cannes Cut?
  3. Intermission: what song is played during the intermission, and what section of the song (as I understand the intermission lasts only for about 2 minutes, which is not enough for an entire song)? Also, does the ‘Intermission’ card use the same font as the chapter title cards?
  4. End titles: does the Cannes cut have the same long end credits sequence as Vol.2?

    Thank You