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Can someone help me?

I can’t buy PF collectors edition cause it’s region 1 dvd and I live in sweden (europe). but now they release a special edition (for sweden) and the dvd features are:

"4 Deleted scenes with Tarantino Intros, Extended Jack Rabbit Slim’s Scene, TV Spots, Production Design Featurette, Pulp Fiction Still Gallery (Production, Academy Award Campaign, Trade Ads, Location scouting, Productions design and logos, Props and Memorabilia, Siskel & Ebert “At the movies”, The Independent Spirit Awards interview, Cannes Film Festival, Charlie Rose Show, “Tarantino Fiction” - Original documentary, Behind the scenes montages"

and I wonder if special edition has something that this dvd not have?

and I also wonder, is the extra stuffs good and how long is it?

hope u know what I mean…grateful for all answears!

Well I’m posting this mainly to tell people of this offer HMV (in the UK have), but it might help you too.

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I think somewhere on the web there is a site to learn to hack DVD players into being region free…