Can I sell my memorabilia?

Hi there,

I have Inglourious Basterds memorbilia, a single piece. It’s a pack of red Apple cigarettes that’s visible in the film, during the scene where the soldiers led by Brad Pitt’s character interrogate the German in the woods. Right before Eli Roth’s character comes out with his bat swinging. I have a certificate of authenticity, I am absolutely not trying to screw anybody over. (I realise that’s exactly what a person who’s trying to screw someone over would say, though). It’s a great thing for any fan and collector, from a “brand” that’s referenced throughout Tarantino’s films.

I would love to see it go to someone that really wants it and what better place to find that someone than here?

The question I have though is, am I allowed to sell it here? I realise that I could post on Ebay, but I feel that the people here, proper Tarantino fans, would be more deserving. If it’s not allowed, which I would understand, then that’s that. If I am allowed, where would I need to post my message and photos?


All the best,


Hi Hans

feel free to post it in the Inglourious Basterds section. Thank very much for asking, of course it would be great if it finds a new owner that appreciates such a collectors item

Wow! This is super interesting!
Last year I was asked to make a set of circa 50 minutes to play at a festival. (I’m a musician) I gathered a band and made a set of songs that are being played in Tarantino-movies. I also showed a beamer throughout the whole show, showing advertisements of Red Apple, King Fury magazine covers, stills from Once Upon A Time in the West, Shogun Assassin and other movies Tarantino loves and is inspired by. I also had a group of extra’s, and a muze so we could play a couple of scenes on stage, during the live-music. (We even had samurai-training to play the whole Bride and O-Ren fight scene)
Anyway, next year I want to take this project to a higher level, and I’m in need of as much props as possible :slight_smile: So, let me know :slight_smile: X