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Can anyone post torrent of Howard Stern - QT radio interview

If anyone is a paid subscriber of Howard Stern’s US subscriber based satellite radio

show (or you’re not, but you know where to find an audio and/or audio torrent of

the full interview he apparently did with QT), can anyone please post it on this thread.


I have sirius radio. I missed the Howard Stern interview with Quentin Tarantino, but I downloaded it from If you search it is under Howard Stern 8-17-2009. It is a great interview. It has a whole new twist on the Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino night. Very Cool. If you download it, listen to the whole show because Howard talks about how he saw the film and that is a great story in itself. It is great once it is download you can put it right on the old Ipod. Good Luck.

Thanks. I saw it listed on Mininova, but the listing set up there is very poorly organized (with 4 links) and at 300 or just over 300 meg, it’s obvious you’re getting video (which is too much), if you only want to hear the audio. In audio and commercial free, it should only be about 40 - 50 meg. What’s the point of seeing video of someone in a radio studio. Like they could just have ‘Full August 17 HS show in video’ on one link and another saying ‘Full August 17 HS show in audio’ on another link.

Howard Stern-2009-08-17 - 128k BareBones + wrapup 287.57 MB

Howard Stern 128k 08-17-2009+wrapup-CF 298.5 MB

Howard Stern 128k 08-17-2009+wrapup 327.03 MB

Howard Stern - Geek Time With Jon & Ralph CF80k 08-17-2009 28.42 MB

Fuck Mininova, which is too confusing. I found it on the link above, in 7 parts.