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Cameron Crowe retires from film-making

What the hell?

Explaining that his movies were but a small step in the pursuit of a career he has always dreamed about, ALMOST FAMOUS director Cameron Crowe announced Monday that he is retiring from filmmaking to focus exclusively on soundtracks. “For me, the moving image has become redundant, and I believe that I can more effectively tell stories with carefully chosen music”, said Crowe, backed by Electric Light Orchestra’s "Do Ya."

Crowe’s first soundtrack, “Walking With Headphones”, will begin compilation later this winter for a summer release, with the soundtrack’s soundtrack available on Polydor Records.

He’s just pissed than no one liked his last film.

He’s just pissed than no one liked his last film.

He maybe decided it before his last movie came out… But as you said, I’m sure, it has encouraged him to take this decision…

YES!YES!YES!I hate his movies.Too ordinary.Boring and especially “Elisabethtown”.

It Was compeletely dumb!

Did you guys like him?

Jerry Maguire is a great film. So is Almost Famous. And I actually liked Vanilla Sky. Although, him retiring isn’t really a big blow to me.

But I am not so sure what is being said. Making soundtracks, Soundtracks for soundtracks. It’s a little confusing.