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C Tone Watch Your Head

In the warehouse, and up the ramp over the door, there’s the words “C Tone Watch Your Head.” I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell that means, it’s been driving me fucking crazy for the past 3 years. If anybody knows, PLEASE enlighten me.

C Tone?

Maybe, Coppertone… perhaps?

It could be a reference to his interest in beach bunnies (Jackie Brown’s Melanie).

That’s a good question.

err… or the Coppertone girl that’s getting her undies pulled down–hence the term ‘watch your head’

C Tone, Watch your head… I thought it said: Loading Zone or something, I’ll have to take a look at that again on my DVD.

I think it just means to watch your head because its over that little doorway.

I liked how when Mr Blonde was cutting Marvins ear off, the camera panned over so that sign was right in view. haha.