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Buyer says Reservoir Dogs title is misleading


CLASSIC, yall may have seen this before not sure

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Hahaha I hope that guy was kidding


Wow…what a schmuck.


actually when i first bought it before i watched it i new it was gona be about orgagnized crime but i thought it was gona have something to do with reservoir, anyway its still the greatest movie of all time!




I bet he thought “Twister” was about the board game too. What a let down. It might have been better than the actual movie.


lol nd blow about sucking dicks


Yeah, I saw this awhile ago.


hahaha, hilarious! why the fuck would you say that? ;D


Troll. I smell it.


[quote=“yella_haired_warrior”]Troll. I smell it.[/quote]

I smell it too.