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Butchered the Tarantino Way

I know we have had many cases of the one I’m about to mention here, but we haven’t had one in a while and a bit of discussion is what we’re here for, so here goes…

Many of you (probably especially if you’re in France) have heard about the recent murders of two French students who were stabbed to death and then set alight. If not, here is the BBC Link.

Well anyway, I was just browsing around and got to this article this article.

"Crazed killers knifed two innocent students nearly 250 times in a frenzied attack similar to a gruesome torture scene in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Then the murderers tried to cover their tracks by setting the butchered corpses alight with petrol before firebombing the ground-floor flat. The grisly killings had echoes of a brutal episode in 45-year-old Tarantino’s film Reservoir Dogs."

I’m sick to my stomach of statements like the one above. Certain parts of the media really seem to have it in for QT. They twist and turn everything to the point of absurdity sometimes. In the case above, ok, there may be a slight connection at best. But seriously, where in any of QT’s filmography do we see somebody being stabbed over 200 times? Has it come to such a point where if somebody is splashed with petrol they’re immediately re-enacting a scene from Reservoir Dogs? It’s ridiculous. The media need to stop blaming films for fucked up acts such as the one towards those poor students. I’m sorry, but it really boils my blood (excuse the expression) when a pathetic correlation like this is made. It really shows ignorance. They should spend their energy more productively instead of doing the easy thing and blaming films. It reached ridiculous levels back when A Clockwork Orange was released in the UK and led to the subsequent pulling of the film from theatres by Kubrick himself. The art form isn’t to blame, look into their character!

The media is always looking for a scapegoat, and they always will. If it’s not QT it would be music or video games.

Ridiculous is a perfect word. This kind of stuff isnt even worth addressing. They could blame any violence on movies. Everytime someone gets shot they could say: Well, this was like something out of GoodFellas. These killers definitely got this from GoodFellas. I mean, blame the killers, not movies or art. Its really dumb.

if movies were any influence on daily lives, why aren’t people torturing teenagers in eastern european countries?

it’s all BS. of course there’s always nutcases out there who can’t tell reality from fiction, but why blame everybody for the shenanigangs of a few? plus, politicians and news people are usually too old for videogames and new hip movies so they are not really in a position to know what the fuck they’re talking about

germany just passed (just like the state of NY i think) a new media law restricting the sale of violent video games and movies even further. WTF, the violent ones are already restricted to adults only, how much more can you restrict it? it’s plain BS

Indeed fucking retarded stuff. People that do shit like this are fucked up in the head. If they don’t get it from a movie they will get it out of a book or from some realityprogramme or whatever. They won’t be stopped. It’s not because of the movies that they do this, it’s because they don’t have a normal functioning brain that restricts them from doing shit like this.

But for some people it’s hard to understand and to accept that there isn’t a direct thing they can point at that is the cause for violence. Just face the fact that mankind is a violent being. Mostly there is a thin layer of culture holding people back from killing, but if people have some disfunctioning brain or are constantly put into a situation where killing is a good thing (war) than people WILL kill and resort to violence. We aren’t the happy ‘good’ beings that most people think we are.

Blaming a movie is even more retarded than the killing itself.

Not sure if you have come across this. I found it pretty funny myself, first time I saw it, haha.

See if you can draw the correlation with the report at hand…

An Attack with a hammer…mmmm…sounds more like ‘Old Boy’ to me :stuck_out_tongue:

It reminds me the silly fuss about some students murdering their parents or other classmates right after Scream and how the movie influenced them an all. It’s always the same debate about movies, violence and all.