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Bubba Ho-Tep

Anyone seen this film? I Just got back from best buy i picked up the elvis suite limited edition of it for 19.99, never seen it though. It has bruce cambell as elvis and don coscarelli writing and directing, so it should be kick ass.

Brilliantly odd movie with a quality ending. Bruce Campbell + Delusional Black JFK + Zombies = GOLD!

watched it about an hour ago. yea that movie was fuckin great. loved at the end where he said TCP bitch, i was laughing my ass off. ELVIS AND CAMBELL U JUST CANT GO WRONG.

Yeah, I love this one as well. They should have showed “the growth” though.

Very odd movie, perfect movie for a drive in.

Anyone seen this film?

Everyone seen this film

Yeah, it’s very good. One of the few recent comedies worth watching.

yea i remember hearing so much about it when it first came out, never had the chance to get it though.

Great film. It sucks he’s not doing the sequel though.

Great film. It sucks he’s not doing the sequel though.

It got cancelled?

I don’t know if they’re still doing it without him or not but he left due to

“creative differences” while working on the script.

ah, thanks. Damn.

I love when hes watching the movie he made and says how they are all crap. The movie was good but it could have used a little more depth on the antagonist.

I haven’t seen it, but when “JFK” screams “THEY PAINTED MY SKIN!” in the trailer, I thought that was one of the funniest things, ever.