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Brigada (Бригада)


What do you think about that series. I think It’s better even than “The Sopranos” . I’ve watched only 3 episodes (on TV) but am really in love althoug I don’t love russian movies in general).


Haha my local TV channel shows it, because I live in a former USSR country, I doubt it is shown somewhere else. I never watch it though, we have so many russian series and some of them are good to watch not because they’re great or stylish, but just relaxing. Sometimes they make really great films and series too. Anyway I haven’t seen any russian films lately, and this one too. I haven’t seen Sopranos as well.


I think there is a DVD with that film and it is watched in many countries. It is really cool – you can find it even in the “free” internet space ::slight_smile:


Great movie, have anybody seen it?