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Bride vs Copperhead: Why no Sword?

So, i wanted to ask the thing that bothered me: Why didnt the Bride fight Vernita with her Hattori Hanzo sword? I asked alot of ppl, and no one gave me a satisfying answer.

Most ppl say its because of ´´honor´´, but imo Bea aint cares for honor at all. She beats vernita without saying a word - not very honorful. She wanted to kill Budd - who was sitting in a chair without weapons and no chance of defending himself (ok, she thought that, but Bea would have killed Budd in a total unfair ´´fight´´, nothing honorful here).

Then the crossed swords with Elle…cmon its a strength test and she just rips her eye out - not honorful eh?

And finally, in Bills house, she had a gun, but her daughter stopped her for a while ofc… but Beas intention was to just shoot a unaware Bill.

So…why didnt she bring her sword?

because vernita is not a sword expert…

Well… i wanted to show with my post that the Bride doesnt care. Budd was a nothing-expert after 4 years of drinking and hanging around doing nothing, if anything Bea would have killed Budd with a gun if she cared for these things.

yes, but he was one once. here is what is written about this in the script :

“The Bride chooses her weapon – Hattori Hanzo’s samurai sword.

She doesn’t say anything, nor will an actress of Uma Thurman’s caliber indicate her feelings, but the astute member of the audience will read the significance of her choice. His current status be damned, the Budd who owes The Bride satisfaction was a warrior. And it’s that Budd she intends to send to his maker.”

I can see your point, what im trying to say is : If Bea doesnt use her sword, it shows respect to Vernita, not overpowering her with a ´´better´´ weapon. And in all that actions i posted she is not respectful at all against her enemies… she even spits Budd into the face which is probably the most disrespectful thing you can do. It just doesnt match, not using the sword against Vernita because of respect for her weapon choice, and later she wants to kill a helpless Budd in a chair and spit at him… :confused: Its probably just me but meh it seems strange

he’s not helpless at all… he may be sitting in a chair, but since the door of his trailer is closed, she’s not suppose to know it. beside, if he is no shape to fight with her, then maybe she should have drop her plan of killing him? this is a revenge movie, she has to take revenge… and if i recall correctly, she spits at him when she is totally helpless and about to be buried alive, isn’t she?

The bride sees that Budd sits on the chair…assuming he has no weapons. And she spits at him after Budd shot her, and spitting is never a respectful thing eh? I dont say she shouldnt kill him, i say she doesnt care if her opponents are unarmed/unexpecting/whatever, so why would she care for Vernitas favourite weapons?

ok, but then, she rushes inside budd’s trailer, just like she rushes inside bill’s house at the end… i could also say that instead of just knocking at vernita’s door, she could have sneak in by the back entry… or instead of fighting with the crazy 88 she could have just nuked the place, but then, no movie… as for the spitting, since HE SHOT HER just before that. so she’s allowed to it, spitting is allowed, imo… ;D

She did not know that Budd was a fat drunk. She remebered him as a sword expert.