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Breaking news!

There was nothing on TV so I was watchin WWE for the first time and guess who appeared in the crowd! THE CAST OF GRINDHOUSE!!! The commentators also gave them shout outs and said that the movie is coming on April 6th!

for all the places for them to be…were they on raw?

I was watching the King of the hill marathon today on FX and they showed commerical saying they were gonna show extra grindhouse footage while they show spiderman 2 on thursday so be looking out for that.

anyone tape that shit?

Not really breaking news, but I finally saw a preview/commerical for the movie yesterday during the all-star game.

At the end of the preview, it said go to for more info, but it’s just everything we’ve already seen.

Ahah!! That was the website. I was so excitied while watching the trailer on TV I totally forgot the address.

[quote=“The Seb”]
anyone tape that shit?
Not something worth taping… I overexagurated when I said breaking news… Its just that this was the first time I contribute news to the forum about Grindhouse that no one else knew about! loool… However it’s nice to see that the movie is widely recognised even among places like the WWE… Actually I dont know the names of the actors that appeared if anyone else has seen it pls tell me…

Do you know what time they showed them? like how far into it, because I downloaded it so I can share it with all of you.