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Borrowed out Pulp Fiction

Borrowing out DVDs sucks.  i am having Pulp Fiction Withdrawls.  I  NEED to see it,  Waa.  i still havent really dove into the Features.

Do your friends make fun of you for loving these movies soo much? mine do, i make refernces to Quotes and such when they fit well. haha, its great.

are you stupid? the british Pulp Fiction Special Edition DVD costs only 9 pounds, thats about 11 dollars, why dont you BUY it instead of paying 3 bucks everytime you rent it…

i did buy it, i am just letting a friend borrow it for a week or so.

buy another copy. one to watch, one to lend. i do that with my copy of the boondock saints. don’t trust freinds to give it back

That’s a waste of money. I wouldn’t let my friends borrow a movie unless i trusted them to return it. I trust all my friends to do that.

Exactly. One dickhead once had a video of mine for a WHOLE FUCKING SUMMER. He’s never seen another thing of mine since then

It is like down here we say: Never let anybody to borrow your horse, gun or wife. 'Cause that’s the day you’ll die.


I just realized that this thread is about how you are sad because you lent a movie to a friend, yet you are getting more responses than a lot of deeper threads. HHMMMM.

fuck yea, i got it back, caresses DVD case.