Bluray, am i the only one?


is it me or is blu ray not that impressive. its no doubt better quality then dvd but i was expecting so much more, i havent been impressed. especially given how expensive it is for the tv the player and then the blu ray discs themselves. ill stick to dvds then continue my collection with blu ray when its not as expensive.


well i guess the quality jump is not that amazing at first sight, especially since not all available BluRays have really been produced from hi-def source material, but i guess if you have a full-HD screen, the appropriate 6.1 surround sound system and all that jazz, then the experience is in many ways, way better than DVD…

but well… who’s got all that money? :slight_smile: currently i dont even have a tv


If you’ve got the money for Blu-Ray fine but I don’t think the improvement in picture quality really warrants the significant increase in price they charge for Blu-Ray dvds. I think its just another opportunity for those companies to leach money from people who probably can’t afford it. Anyway in this economy we’ll all probably be homeless before too long hawkin our tvs and dvds at the pawn shop to pay for food.


Iron Monkey (which was presented by QT for it’s theatrical (re)release in the US) gets the BluRay treatment: