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Blu Ray or HD DVD

Is there any news of Grindhouse, PT or DP being released on Blu Ray or HD DVD, it would be weird releasing it on these formats considering the effects applied to the prints…

Well you can forget about HDDVD, thats dead now. Right now its only about Bluray. I haven’t heard anything yet about this coming out on Bluray. I really can’t wait though. So far Kill Bill vol.1 and 2 was announced for Bluray…and thats for next year. I always check the website which has the best info on blurays coming out. I check everyday, hoping Grindhouse gets announced.

I hope there is an announcement soon.

Can’t wait either!

saw grindhouse on HD cable a while back, looked pretty good although it was way below bluray standard

Don’t mean to drag this one in the wrong direction but speaking of HD Sin City was AWESOME!

For all Germans: Grindhouse im Handel!



Just to confirm, I have a region free BD player and that Grindhouse steelbook linked above is region LOCKED to region B. While the Death Proof german steelbook (blu-ray) is region free. I know you didn’t state anything like that, but figured I would drop the info.

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There is a new BluRay steelbook