Bloodiest Spaghetti Westerns


What are some of the bloodiest spaghetti westerns you have seen. (besides Cut Throats 9)


Django (Sergio Corbucci, 1966)


Yeah, Django and any Corbucci in fact.


Very cool, keep those suggestions coming


EDIT: Damn, and I thought Cutthroats Nine wasn’t mentioned yet!

Let me think now… hmm… Bandidos was slightly violent but I could just be thinking of that old washed out beat up looking VHS transfer haha. That’s a pretty good one though and is pretty brutal in its depiction of the violence.


Django Kill is kinda violent, so is The Great Silence, and Massacre Time. there’s a few that are really weird too, like Four of the Apocalypse


Speaking of violent Spaghetti Westerns, here’s my review of the new Great Silence BluRay disc release:

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