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Blockbuster posters

Idk if anyone bothered to pick up the exclusive Blockbuster posters that came out with Death Proof but they were $2 with the DVD. Really nice. One of them is the picture of the car with the logo and the other is Stuntman Mike. Yesterday Blockbuster got their shipment of the Planet Terror posters. 2 to choose from this time as well: Cherry with the logo and blood running down the top and the picture of Abby and El Wray on the elevator. Just givin a heads up

They actually had a bunch of weird merchendise like: bookmarks, small posters, keychains, and silver necklaces - oh and those buttons with that pin in the back :stuck_out_tongue: I got a bookmark and a the key chain though, pretty cool stuff.

[size=100][size=100]I want these posters![/size][/size]