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Hey everybody…y’all know what happens if you accidently spill bleach on a shirt. Well I had a lot of fun doing this:

that’s on the back:

and also, I did this one:

it’s on Marlon Brando’s back in The Wild One

I’m thinking about doing more…any ideas?

Those are awesome man! :smiley: Really cool idea! How do you do that?

I don’t have a good idea for a shirt now…but I will think about it and post it :slight_smile:

well you just draw whatever you want to draw on your shirt with chemichal household bleach instead of paint or ink, using a brush for example. the good thing is, it never fades away, and it’s not too expensive. the bad thing is, if your acidently touch any other piece of clothing with bleach while doing this, you get some unwashable spots on em forever. so be careful.

Its not a good idea. When I was in Jr High school we use to do shirts with Bleach. Once you wash the shirt one or two times its falls apart. If you want to wear it once or twice its fine but bleach will eat the fabric like acid.

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It’s such a good idea ! Looks great on the tee-shirts !

Pay attention! Its NOT a good idea. If you like burning holes in your cloths, fine. Bleach eats away at the fabric. The shirt may last a month, it may fall apart right away if you use too much. Ive done these shirts many times and stopped once I realized I had ruined my clothes. Go ahead though, figure it out for yourself.

From the bleach wiki! "Regular bleaching of clothes weakens the fibre, therefore, bleach only as per your need."

This is not “regular” bleaching. This is using a lot of bleach to take out all the color. It will DESTROY your clothes!

well the blue BRMC shirt is kinda weakened, that’s true, there were some holes in it but it was a really old shirt from my grandpa so what do I care? I fixed the holes with white adhesive tissue and that’s all.

the PT tee-shirt is doing just fine, I wear it a lot and no problem so far. anyway, it’s a cheap dark brown tee I wouldn’t wear at all otherwise (if it hadn’t this logo on I mean).

So, yeah, maybe I’m destroying my clothes. But it’s so much fun!

So, yeah, maybe I’m destroying my clothes. But it’s so much fun!
Haha ;D I’m glad you’re happy.