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Blatant jump cuts?

Anybody know the reason/meaning behind the 2 blatant jump cuts during the Rick scene on the set of Lancer, when he’s meeting Timothy Olyphant’s character? Gotta be some reason for them - they are purposefully obvious… even have a slight sound effect with them (!!?)

I am wondering about these too…

Now, for the McQueen “flashbacks” my theory would be that he is just imagining how much better he would have been in the movie…

But of course the jump cuts are still disturbingly obvious. My first idea was this: at this point he is so insecure, even a conversation with a newcomer who is sidelining him with his own tv show is making him so insecure that each sentence he utters is like a line in a movie that he might have to film various takes for until he gets them right…

Thanks… interesting. I guess I wasn’t as much thinking that the jump cuts were necessarily character point driven - more like filmmaker driven; like he’s paying homage to something else? But I don’t know. Would love to know from Tarantino’s point of view why they are there!

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Quentin’s films have changed since Sally died. Editing choices have been poor in my opinion. Raskin must be just a cutter to him not a collaboration like with Sally. She was the only person who could say “no” to him.

These 2 jump cuts are very intentional though - Seeing it a 2nd time, there is even a slight sound effect with them - which underlines that they are a subtle statement of some kind.

Fred Raskin was on the pure cinema podcast and he said that the jump cuts were QT’s homage to the late sixties movies of brian de Palma, greetings and hi mom.

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Thanks Vivek. This is what I was looking for! This makes sense. I’ve never seen those DePalma films though. Would love to know more about the “jump cut relationship” to these films; guess I’d have to watch them to understand Tarantino’s thinking. (:

I would definitely recommend watching hi mom (1970) which is more influenced by Goddard than Hitchcock. It has a hippie student film vibe to it. De Palma uses jump cuts throughout the film to showcase the black comedy and the absurdity of robert deniro’s character.QT employs the jump cuts in OUTIH to similar effect, especially the trailer freakout scene with leo.

Thanks Vivek. I will check out that film. In the Rick trailer scene, I totally get the jumpcut intent - they are character driven in that moment. But the intent of these 2 jumpcuts in the movie set scene (with Rick & Johnny Madrid) are just so out of left field, that had me puzzled. I mean, especially the “hat off” - “hat on” happening? Not any kind of real character relationship that I can tell. It makes sense I guess that it’s supposed to just be a simple homage to something outside the film itself. (: