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Black Dyno-mite!

Coming to the Sundance Film Festival & kickin’ all kinds of ass on it’s way there, is Black Dynamite.

Starring Michael Jai White, this is bascially an andrenaline-fueled thrill ride of a tribute to everyone’s favorite 70’s genre, Blaxploitation. Here’s hopin’ that it gets picked up for distribution.

For more info check out the official site.

Dude, great find. Never heard of this, it’s awesome. Hope it does get picked up. Like to see it.

the trailer kicked all sorts of ass… and bitches!

Sounds awesome, wasn’t Michael Jai White in that deleted scene of KB?

for those of you who might not “get” this:

some background on blaxploitation cinema

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sundance trailer

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sundance trailer

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Great find, Seb. I’ll try to stay as vigilant as you seem to be on developments for this wonderful project. :wink: