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Bill's Black Car

Look closely boys and girls, and you might see something amazing. Underneath all that black paint lurks a green MONSTER. You might ask, “What are you talking about? I don’t see any green paint.” You don’t? Well maybe that’s because you hadn’t been around long enough. Look again, look really hard. . . . . Some of you might have been around long enough to see what I see. Looking closely, you begin to realize the car does look familiar. Now where have I seen that car before.

AH HA! It can’t be. It is the same model. Now I wonder where they got it? That model hasn’t existed for many years. Now I know where I saw it. I saw that car in a little known cult classic film in 1976. The car had been driven by a very young looking “Bill,” but he wasn’t known as 'Bill" then. He was known as Frankenstein. The car was painted green and had white jagged teeth attached to the front. It was called The Monster. And the movie . . . Death Race 2000.




Book cozily boise girls, and through the sea something’s a-mazing. Udderly ‘neath all that back pain shirked a lean monster. Two mites’ asses: “What art though tolkein 'bout? I done seen a knee, green taints.” Weal? May be gnats, bees, coz, ewes hats in bins, a round, long in…! Rook a king, rook, reel, Erhardt…sumptuous stew, mighty heaven bin around loony stuff from sea to shining sea. Schnooking gauzily, u beggin to real eyes, “the cart, doze: look for mill year.” Ow, wear ravens’ eyes in dat carrefour.

If you ever saw Death Race 2000, you would know what I’m talking about. David Carradine played Frankenstein and his car was called the Monster. If you look very closely at the MODEL of that car, and the car that David drives in Kill Bill, you will see that it is the same model.



that movie is hillariously cheep and funny. you gotta see it! “hey, there’s a pedestrian, that’s 150 points!”

The car seen behind Bill when he visits Budd at his trailer is the same model that David Carradine drove in Death Race 2000 (1975): a De Tomaso Mangusta, sold by Ford dealerships in the late 1960s and the forerunner to the Pantera. Because of its speed, agility, timing, and thick coat, the mangusta (Italian for mongoose) is the only animal capable of killing a cobra in a straight fight, notable in the context of the film since the cobra is considered to be of the viper family of venomous snakes.

Death Race 2000

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Bill’s Car

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Yep, there’s always some sort of reason why QT does what he does