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Bill Kill (Spanish Comic Parody)

Here’s a comic parody that has been just released in Spain. If you are interested I can put the whole comic. ;D

i love the design ! ;D ;D

please post the whol comic?!

yeah post it :’(

you can do this :o So… oh yes, post it ;D ;D

Here it is, enjoy:


O-Ren and Nemo ! HAHAHAHA ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

That’s so nice to have posted the pic :smiley:

It’s really a good and funny parody :wink:

That is so funny! I copied the links (though I couldn’t copy the actual images) and placed them on my David Carradine Yahoo Fan Club for everyone to enjoy.



That is AWESOME!!! For some reason the “cutafied” Bill just cracks me up! ;D I don’t understand much Spanish, but I’d still love to get a copy somehow.

Really amazing work!

If there is, could you post an english version.

lol, dont understand a word of it, but its still preety funky…

That was so funny! Thanks for sharing it. Even though I didn’t understand a word the part where Bill rolls away in a wheelchair was priceless.

haha that is some funny shit!

Long time not posted here, but this is the first time I see this thread.

Haha, this is some funny shit. This is the best picture, with Charlie Brown looking around the corner:

[quote=“Supercool Manchu”]

When I was in Spain I got a Hulk parody. It was the same guy too. Enrique V. Vegas. He has a funky art style.

Wait, is that Mark Dacascos, they mention on the page with Pai Mei?