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Big QT interview on Death Proof

In this month’s issue of Les Cahiers du Cinema there is a big itw with QT. I think you can read the English version here:

and here is the cover:

Thanks for posting. The last pages are missing. Two movie recommendations: ON_LINE (2002) with Vanessa Ferlito and for me a second try on UNBREAKABLE.

how is the translation?

should I buy it in french or english?

since it’s the June issue, when you’ll come back, the magasine will still be in stores…

yeah, in french I guess. so if the translation sucks, I’d rather get it in english.

…wait, maybe the interview and the articles were actually writen in french and then translated in english…(am I fuckin retarded? Tarantino doesn’t speak french, does he?)

This interview is cool as hell. It is a great read.

Excellent interview/article. QT mentioned a French farmer character having a great monologue in Inglorious Bastards. Sweet! 8)

;D Great find, thanks!

I took screenshots so people can still read it here when the magazine website updates:


wow that was amazing.

What a brilliant interview.

I always wanted to know the reasoning behind why there is a wide shot of Elle and Budd talking about which ‘r’ she’s filled with in his trailer. I always wondered why the camera was stood stationary at the other end of the trailer, making those two characters harder to see. I thought I woul dhave to wait till the proper edition of the Kill Bill DVD with the trivia track or commentary. But now I know. Haha, brilliant.

I love the part about about the Bob de Niro’s shoes in JB. That’s what I call a backstory!

Theres a reason/concept behind everything in his films down to the smallest detail and that interview proves that.

i have to check coz the paper copy of the mag has one more page… maybe there is one last question that is not in the online version…

It ends kinda quick yeah. A lot of interviews don’t have a sum-up, but they have definite marker showing it’s done, like an X or something.

But oh my god what a good interview. A little hard to read on computer, not the best of quality on the pictures mind you, but it’s still the best QT interview I’ve ever read. Good questions and good answers. Nice to read an interview that doesn’t actually spend a whole page describing what a grindhouse is. Cause I think I know that by now.

Oh it definitely isn’t finished. There is definitley more to it. But damn, all the stuff about the dialogue and characters is great. My kind of interview.

The thing I find is that each time his movies come out the interviewers ask the same things and he says the same stuff alot of the time. This interview felt fresh and had a different perspective on his work.It felt like they were talking about the actual artistry in his films instead of the typical ABC journalist BS. I also think QT probably takes Cahiers more seriously than the other mags so he gets more specific and opens up more on things.

Pete, I think you are right. Some people are just easier to open up to. You wouldn’t find this in a teen mag or something, even if they did do a QT-interview.

Great interview!

Since when is there an English version of Cahiers du Cinema?? I thought there was only a French version. Is it available in the US?