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Big Bang Love: Juvenile A (Miike / 2006)

I wasn’t so interested in Miike’s prison gay love story till I saw that gorgeous poster. It really caught my attention. The trailer looks great, too. And the cast isn’t bad at all; Ryuhei Matsuda (the star of Nagisa Oshima’s Gohatto), Masanobu Ando (Kids Return, 69), Shunsuke Kubozuka (Saishu heiki kanojo) and Tadanobu Asano. Could be the best Miike in years.

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Reviews: Midnight Eye, Hollywood Reporer, Variety, Out Now

That poster is one of the best EVER! The concept of gay guys in prison isnt really appealing to me though :stuck_out_tongue:

I could do without gay guys in prison, but if I get the chance, I would see it. I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it. I don’t really have a problem with gay films, but “prison gay love” never sounds as appealing as, say, “violent yakuza/jidaigeki”.

US rights went to Animeigo. No good.

Animeigo’s dvd is coming January 8. Hopefully they won’t screw it up

Finally a dvd review:

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Don’t you think it’s kinda stupid to include a quote from the film-maker himself on the dvd cover? Next thing you know, we’ll be reading Uwe Boll saying “This is better than Goodfellas!” on the Bloodrayne cover.

It works here because everybody knows Takashi Miike has directed over 80 movies and TV shows - all kinds of films, many of them very good but some not - so if the director considers this one his best then it (the statement) does have some value and effect.

Boll can say the same about his next movie, but people will only think that “okay, if the director is not lying then this is better than other 10 incredibly crappy films he has made”.

Quote like that wouldn’t even work for directors like Tarantino because he’s only made a handful of films and everybody knows how good they are.

But if Jess Franco said “this is my best film”, then again it would work. He has made so many films, both good and bad, that he can get some credibility for a statement like that.

Good point mate, good point

I think I forgot to post my thoughs.

[quote]Big Bang Love, Juvenile A (Japan, 2006) – 2,5/5

Miike goes arthouse, with mixed results. If you watch this with an overly cynical attitude you’re bound to hate it; Miike seems to be more interested creating art than substance. Although praised as homo erotic love story by some, the psychological handling of the subject is somewhat tenuous. At the same time any other kind of characterization is completely missing. This is due to Miike’s unwillingness to take the traditional, easy path of storytelling. The attempt is ambitious, but the puzzle like structure actually takes two viewings to work (which was the case here). You still have to be able to forgive some overly pretentious scenes but if you have the will and concentration the film does deliver a lot of interesting brainwork. Visually Big Bang Love, Juvenile A, or 4.6 Billion Years of Love as the japanese title goes, is quite satisfying. Especially the lighting is used interestingly. The ending is also excellent. A slightly far out, but ultimately fitting comparison piece for the film would be Nagisha Oshima’s Gohatto (also starring Ryuhei Matsuda), which dealt with similar themes and symbolic imagery, but did it far more succesfully.[/quote]

The film is on big screen near me next weekend. If my friend wants to see it I may go, too. Miike in cinema is never a bad thing, even if the film is only average. It does keep getting an incredible amount of praise, though…

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