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Bicycle Guy


I’m currently editing a fake-trailer named Bicycle Guy. It’s made for the dutch fake-trailer contest(the winner gets to be on the Dutch dvd of Death Proof) and here are some screenshots: The trailer will be online soon.


Screen caps look alright, but I think you need an edgier title than just “Bicycle Guy”.


It’s just Bicycle Guy. It’s a guy on a Bicycle who kills people :wink:


I want to see the trailer, looks like it is going to be funny.


Looks like crap.



Well, it’s a little bit suppossed to be crap :wink: Cool crap though…


Fullscreen sucks… you should atleast fake having widescreen by putting two bars at the top and bottom…

that would be grindhouse cheapish shit ;D


Yeah but it’s supposed to be on YouTube and when you put widescreen stuff there it looks awful. Normally I shoot my films widescreen(except my Horror-Soap but that’s a soap so that explains it) but since everyone is gonna see this one on Youtube I shot it in a 3:4 ratio.


Ooooh, OK…


Here’s my entrance for the fake-trailer competition in The Netherlands:


That was pretty good 8)




pretty cool, the grain looked really good.


it was crap


I liked it. Thought it was funny and well put together. Far from crap.


And now you can vote for it over here:


Someone made a trailer called Bicycle man :stuck_out_tongue:


are u stating the idea was done before max?


Are you stating the idea was done before, Max?

No, I mentioned it because they were similar, one is about a killer who rides a bicycle and one is about a bicycle that turns into a killer. I thought it was amusing because two different people made kinda similar projects.

Jelle's trailer was much better than that crap.


haha bike killing people ahaahahaha a cheap Christine ripoff from a car.