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Bette Davis Radio Theatre

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I bought this two days ago and loaded the shows to my iPod, it’s a great purchase to say the least, now I can listen to “All About Eve” without even putting on the film! Now the shows are performed by some original cast members, and some director introductions that include: William Wyler. These are complete shows with commercial spots and everything, it’s simply a great package to purchase.

Bette Davis also sings! And she does it very well, I’m a sucker for gorgeous women who can act and sing, among them is Joan Crawford, Milla Jovovich, and Judy Garland. Anywho I recommend these songs from the Bette Davis collection.

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“Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte” from the motion picture where Joan Crawford dropped out, because of Bette - yes they hated each other. Growl!

“I’ve Written A Letter To Daddy” - from “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?” - a motion picture made under WB where former MGM’s top actress Joan Crawford acted alongside with WB’s top actress Bette Davis, they really went at it behind the camera - you gotta buy the DVD to see for yourselves.

Especially for you, BioBasterd:


There have been many renditions of that song, that one was very good. Thanks for the awesome tribute video, Scar.