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The fest has started.

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yes! 8) first site on my list every day from now on!

Hi I’m in my Motel with the internet connection that I hope is fast enough so I can upload several minutes of high definition video coverage from the QT Fest at my video-blog:

I just hope Quentin doesn’t mind I film from the audience everytime he introduces a film, and I’ll film a bit of what’s going on before and after. Probably I won’t be the only one with a camera in the audience so hopefully I won’t be noticed.

I’d like to meet some other fans who would like to talk about each film after the screenings… on video… Possibly the guys from and will like to talk on video.

I am thinking maybe it happens that Tarantino would like to answer some questions from the fans at the forum… I’ll ask him if he knows the forum here with all fans discussing about his films for many years…

So if you got a good idea for questions to ask him on camera write it here and maybe I get the chance to interview him on camera during the week.

I’d like to ask him something like this:

  • What does he think about films distribution over the internet and would he like to do something to get the QT Fest films digitized and put up on the internet.

  • Does he think making films can change the world. Just like does he think Kill Bill has a political message behind it just like Fahrenheit 911 and What happened when he was jury president at Cannes in 2004

  • What does he think about Takeshi Kitano’s latest couple of films

Austin Film Society has banned all video coverage for this event. They will be monitoring everyone. I wouldn’t recommend any video filming unless you get permission through the Austin Film Society - talk to Natalie there. Otherwise you could get thrown out and possibly for the entire fest itself.

If you want to interview him I’d recommend talking to his assistant.

Also for everyone else coming note that he doesn’t sign autographs or pose for pictures.

Tarantino knows about this place already :slight_smile:

Alright I’ll take my camera and check with Natalie if it would be ok. If it’s not ok then you won’t be able to see any video at my

Too bad cause I travelled all the way to Austin from Denmark to do some video coverage… though it’s not the only event I plan to cover, there is also the WCIT in Austin 1-5th May, Space conference and E3 in Los Angeles from 6th-12th May…

They banned it last time right?

They made a cool video at last QT Fest they put on the internet in a little Quicktime file, but it was really a short video edit of the event… I would like to do like 10 minutes each day or so. Well I’ll find the Film Society people… I’d be glad if they want to use the video that I make directly on their website, once they check each video to see that they think it is interesting. So then hopefully I can be making a kindof official video-blog of the event at, a domain which I would let them have if they want to control it…

I’ll get ready now and walk accross the Colorado River to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and see what’s going on… It’s about 2 hours until the screenings start.

Your ideas sound so cool and fantastic MAN.

TRY it. Everyone will love it no doubt.


Also, if not, you can interview the guys outside the cinema, if they get abit touchie.


Anything you can get even if its not inside the theater itself would be awesome. Good luck! I’ll make sure to check in at the site.

Yup they just told me that it’s AFS policy not to let anyone film Tarantino or take pictures of him or anything.

Though they are filming all of Tarantino’s introductions themselves, supposedly to release a trailer for the event afterwards.

I will try to get them to release the whole of it on the internet. So hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to talk to some of them again about it, maybe they don’t have the crew at the outdoor screening. So possibly I’ll be able to film tomorrow… And for the rest of the festival I would hope that they let me at least film around the screening room, interview the staff and other fans around the place who could decribe the experience on video. So if you would like to help me be able to make some video coverage at then thanks for emailing the staff at and ask them to allow the guy from to put up video coverage from the festival on the internet. That you would like to see the complete recordings of Tarantino’s intros, and that the guy from should be allowed to film around the place and interview people other than Tarantino who could say how the event is.

This first day was awesome, a couple of very cool, fun and action packed films. One very fun James Bond spoof and one of the most awesome kung fu films.

The line for QT Fest - Day 1

And just in case you forgot where this is:

Night one was fun. Nowhere near the magic of previous QT Fests but still fun. I sat at the booth displaying lobbies and stills. I think I saw Charbax down talking to Natalie about the video thing. Charbax if you need help with anything just let me know.

Did some blow by blow coverage live tonight which proved fun and very challenging. Didn’t have any chances to talk to QT tonight. Robert stopped by the table but he was in the middle of talking to someone so I didn’t have a chance for any conversation. He did break out into this manic voice and say “KISS THE GIRLS AND MAKE THEM DIE”… I don’t know what the Grind House crew had been doing today but man they all looked beat (the kinda beat you see people look like after 20 hrs straight of filming).

I agree with the earlier posters, tonight was subdued, but still quite fun. I’ve posted my thoughts over on Dumb Distraction, for those who aren’t able to make the festival.

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Micah – totally agree about the “United States dominance …!” uproar – there were a few people there tonight who were enjoying their own performances, but luckily none sitting near me over on the aisle behind Harry Knowles & Father Geek.

I think we got two different versions of the Sister Street Fighter trailer tonight (?) – anyone confirm or deny?

I definitely loved the real-life monkey/snake duel – really the best part of the kung fu film tonight

Note on Kiss The Girls and Make Them Die – why did every girl who went though the machine get a silver bikini, but not the bad guy? Now THAT would have been a major moment in cinema!

Rose from AFS very politely asked me to hand over my Nikon photo camera, so yes – they definitely want control over every bit of media coming out of there.

In comparison to how Snake was previously received it was a night and day difference. I at least hope now people have John Cheung and Wilson Tong on the map. I’ve loved both of their action choreography work for years now, let alone a real treat when I get to see them in actual action as they both know how to pull off kung fu/martial arts for film. If anyone liked Snake tonight definitely check out Snake Deadly Act directed by Wilson Tong. I’ve yet to find a uncut version of it but the versions of it out there still play great. I’m a huge fan of snake fist. Drunken monkey style and good old monkey kung fu are probably my second favorite of the animal styles.


Snake in the Monkeys Shadow uncut. Most of the home video versions don’t have the snake fighting the monkey sequence at all. The handful of versions that do have this scene have it chopped down to about 20-30 seconds. The flashbacks at the end of the film that lift sequences from this aren’t to be found in any home video release (I did find a copy once that had a flashback but it showed a different part of the movie).

The final fight played out differently this time at QT Fest. In the previous screening Lung (John Cheung) gets whipped up on early on by Hsia Sa (Charlie Chan) and the Snake Fist master (Wilson Tong - who gets no name mention in the film). He spends several more flashbacks learning how to beat them. So I’m not sure if this was another print Tarantino had or what.

The opening sequence with Koo Ting-sang (Pomson Shi) hopping around on trees and fighting Hsia Sa also lasts longer in the cut Tarantino has.

Awesome work on the coverage guys! Thanks for all the cool info! Cant wait for the next installment!

The Savage Seven and Hollywood Man!!

Micah – totally agree about the “United States dominance …!” uproar – there were a few people there tonight who were enjoying their own performances, but luckily none sitting near me over on the aisle behind Harry Knowles & Father Geek.


Yeah... they're generally the same idiots who scream whenever a movie or song at a concert mentions smoking out. To me it always sounds like they're yelling "Hey! I like weed too!! LOVE ME!!!!" :)

Sounds like you weren't sitting too far from me Eddie... we'll have to touch base Wednesday.


Rose from AFS very politely asked me to hand over my Nikon photo camera, so yes – they definitely want control over every bit of media coming out of there.


Did she do that because you were taking pictures, or what? I know there was a guy in front of me who recorded QT’s entire first intro on his digital camera. He didn’t do it for the second, so I guess someone from AFS got to him.

Biker Night in 14 hours… but first… time to go to work!

[quote]Did she do that because you were taking pictures, or what? [/quote]

No–she just saw my camera bag & my devilish good looks as we were showing IDs.

P.S. – Just wanna give a shout out to the quick & friendly Alamo staff. It was my first night ever at the Alamo, and my “Raging Bull” pizza during “Snake in Monkey’s Shadow” was deee-licious!