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Best films michael madsen has been in?

I liken madsen to lee marvin, although the actors are quite different. I’ve just bought aload of lee marvin films, and I was going to buy madsens essential films?

anyone seen most of madsen’s films - pre and post reservoir dogs - and can tell me which ones to get?

like I was looking at this film called ‘too hard to die’ with madsen in and it looks good.

He was in “Thelma and Louise” as I remember. Have you seen this one? I can’t say I’m his fan so I cannot recommend anything else. And he was in “Die Another Day” and in another movie I can’t remember the name.

oh yeah i forgot he was in thelma and louise. aparently he was in free willy as well. It appears he’s appeared in some really shit films in contrast to greats like reservoir dogs and kill bill. I cant believe he’s 49 now! and I cant believe hes not been in more ‘badass’ leading roles. Cant wait to see what his role is like in inglorious bastards - hopefully he’ll then be even more comparible to lee marvin.

by the way, the film I mentioned above - ‘too hard to die’ is ambiguous as it also appears under the title ‘detour’. I have no idea why.

there was a movie with him and chris penn(?) in leading roles, don’t know its name though it wasn’t anything special

I really liked him in Donnie Brasco and Reservoir Dogs.

The Get Away remake is a good one he is in.

he should do more films and be more selective. I think I’m gonna get this film ‘too hard to die’ and see what its like.

i definitely agree that he should have been way more selective with his role choosing.

but if the guy gets the same appeal classic actors, or even war movie or western actors got like lee marvin and other archetypal masculine actors who portrayed violence brilliantly on screen then I guess the fact he’s ‘getting on abit’ wont hinder his further carrier. great to see tarantinos utilising him properly anyway.

anyone heard of a film called ‘trouble bound’ with him in?

I can’t beleive he was in Bloodrayne, what in the hell was he thinking! Uwe Boll will destroy careers - like Michelle Rodriguez, I haven’t seen her in any other movie after doing Bloodrayne! :stuck_out_tongue:

bloodrayne such a b-movie, madsen must go for the cash, although surely he’s been offered better parts!

A “b” movie you say?! Bloodrayne isin’t even a “b” movie - it’s as retarded as a uhm…like a retarded guy who does retarded things… :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus there are good b movies, bloodrayne is what you call a horrible movie not a b movie.