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Ok, in terms of acting, who was the best in Resrvoir Dogs? I thought Steve Buscemi was brilliant, but I like eveything he’s in (except Con Air…PEE-U!)

The best actor in this movie was Steve. So cool. He was so cool.

Mr Pink [quote]I don’t because society says I have to. I’ll tip if somebody really deserve a tip if they really put forth an effort but tipping automatic is for the birds.[/quote]

Steve should get his own board, so we could talk about his amazing career…

[quote]Steve should get his own board, so we could talk about his amazing career…[/quote]

Make a topic called “Steve Buscemi” in the non-tarantino movie board, and you can talk about him all you want. He was the best in Dogs.

Steve is as funny as hell in Dogs. I laughed my ass off at some of the shit that came out of his mouth. He was the best. Steve was also great in Fargo, the movie was pretty good but his parts were awsome.

Ever see ghost town? Steve practically has the lead role!

I was only joking about the board comment, but i really like Steve as as actor.

Harvey Keitel for me. The man outshines everyone else in every scene he’s in.

Keitel and Buscemi were both awesome in Dogs. I love Pink and White just has this don’t-fuck-with-me attitude I love. But, seriously, nobody, and I mean nobody else could have played Blonde as perfectly as Madsen.

The best one was Michael Madsen! After Reservoir Dogs I’ll never imagine Madsen as someone else. He fit perfecty with his character. Even looking at him in Kill Bill was somehow weird. The scene where he looked like Blonde, was in Vol.2. Massacre at two pines, when they came to eliminate everyone. Budd was so cool when he was killer not when acting a cowboy.

Harvey Keitel, back then he was probably the only ‘big’ actor (he and lawrence tierney) in it

hes simply my favorite actor ever because he has a quality wich is rare, he proves that in dogs too

I gotta go w/ Buscemi, he’s just so frigg’in hilarious in dogs, and he’s my favorite character actor of all time. In my opinion no one’s better than Steve.

Buscemi was the best, but you have to give some credit to Tim Roth. He had probably the toughest role in the movie, and he played it flawlessly.

Buscemi was the most enjoyable guy in the film, but in terms of acting ability you gotta hand it to Michael Madsen, he pulled off the psycho Blonde brilliantly!

Keitel was much better in Pulp Fiction, he was just so damn cool. His roles must be ellegant, he has to play aristocrats that play golf and snooker and visit evening parties. And Roth should play a lazy slacker who gets on everyones nerves, wears a Havaiian shirt and gets shot at the end. Buscemi and Madsen were the real gangsters.

steve buscemi and micheal madsen is the best actor in reservoir dogs! :slight_smile:

[quote=“kill olle”]
steve buscemi and micheal madsen is the best actor in reservoir dogs! :slight_smile:

Yes, yes that’s what I always say! They really look like gangsters. And Eddie Bunker too. He looked pretty calm and dangerous. And maybe Tarantino, but we will never know how evil and gangsterish he really was.

Mr. Pink is egoistic, works fast and does what he has to do. He’ll always do what will be best for him. And he is not cowardly. And Buscemi played this character very good.

I’m more impressed by Tim’s work. I have a stomachache when he’s racked with pain. His acting is the finest imo.

all the actors in reservour dogs are amazing but I aggree that steve is the best not just cos he plays my favorite character but I think he is a brilliant actor, in fact I think he is my overall favorite actor

Even if I respect all the actor’s efforts, I simply HAVE to pick Madsen.

Like someone else said, after RD, Michael will NEVER be some other character to me… he’s born to play Mr. Blonde, similar to Brando being Vito Corleone. I believe it’s really hard to portrait a character that far away from your own, personal character and still do a fantastic job at it. From what I heard, Madsen felt very uncomfortable doing the whole torture scence… but do you actually notice that? No, not a second, that’s how well Michael plays that person. In my opinion, that deserves credit.

At last. At last.