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BBC documentary from 1994

BBC Omnibus - Quentin Tarantino - Hollywood’s boy wonder. Quentin Tarantino documentary from 1994


I love the opening. You hear the theme from Blow Out, then You Talkin To Me? from Taxi Driver…then Dean Martin singing Rio Bravo and you pan around the room and see all those tapes, posters. Its awesome how he had the True Romance poster on the wall, you know he loved it because its up there with stuff like Rio Bravo and A Band Apart.

After watching QT talk about the Breathless remake, I bet you that if he had directed True Romance it wouldve been alot like that film visually. It would make a great double feature with True Romance.

QT and DePalma talking together was an awesome moment for me. Two of my most favorite directors hanging out. Incredible! :o 8)

it was probably an awesome moment for QT too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great documentary so far, just starting part 2 now.

Is there no part 7?

NICE!!! And I’ve only seen the first two minutes so far. I love that 360 degree camera pan around his apartment. I’d heard alot about it in books and articles but never saw it myself. Is this the same apartment Travolta lived in? Where they played the Grease and Welcome Back Kotter board games?

I’ll watch it tomorrow. looks interesting.

I’m goin to watch it right now. Just when i thought i’d seen every single QT interview, commentary, etc. on youtube, this pops up. Nice.

what time is it for ya right now?

I’m pretty tired. It’s 00:03am, I partied the whole week end and I go to school tomorrow. I shouldn’t be postin shit, I should be sleeping. Damn.

yeah where is part 7?

I do think this should be on one of his DVD’s one day. The upcoming Kill Bill seems to have plenty of room and would be fit perfect on it.

the person who recorded it said that his tape ran out, so he didn’t get the ending. That was really cool though, never realized it existed.

thanks moussemaker for bringin this to us. it was awesome. a real shame the tape ran out…

It was really cool to watch this! Never saw it! Should be on a dvd or something…just as those scenes he did with Buscemi at Sundance…just NEED that. 8)

The Sundance scenes are on the RD DVD. The two-disc-not-gasoline-version.

Yeah, just finished it myself. Loved it!

…seems to cut a little short though. As if there should be a part 7.

yea seen that a little while back still disappointed that it got cut short on youtube.

Help! Been reading about this special and I’m dying to see it but the links above have been removed due to some copyright shit. Anybody know some place where it’s still available?

I have it on my computer. I’m not sure about how to send large video files though. PM me if you have an idea.

I have it on my computer. I’m not sure about how to send large video files though. PM me if you have an idea.
You can upload it to MegaUpload or RapidShare give us the link