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B.B.s name? a Coincidence? *mild spoilers*

Before going to see Kill Bill Volume II tonight, I went the Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club guy) website, and read his essay on “hiding your gun.” Which is a plot device I’m sure all of you are familiar with (though I never knew it had a name): its basically when an item, technique, character, etc. is revealed or shown earlier in a film, dropped so that it seemingly becomes useless, and then resurfaces in order to resolve the plot or conflict. Examples would be Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique in Kill Bill, the bear trap in Straw Dogs, or the shiny object (glasses) in the pool in Chinatown.

Anyway, it just occured to me that the Bride’s daughter is technically a “hidden gun” – particularly in the script in which she isn’t revealed until the very end. We see that the Bride is pregnant, and at the end of Volume I we do find out she’s alive, but she’s pretty much dropped until the end of the story in which she resurfaces in order to resolve the question of what the Bride would do with her life after she has gotten her revenge.

Hence the name B.B.? Like B.B. gun…heheh.

Its possible, but then again, it could be that Quentin just thought it was a cool name or something. Anyway, I’m really tired… :-/

B.B. = Bill + Beatrix

No further discussion necessary.

[quote]B.B. = Bill + Beatrix

No further discussion necessary.[/quote]

I’m not analyzing the name within the context of the movie, but within the context of the writing process that went into it. Don’t be so narrow minded.

That’s awesome. Palahnuik is such a fuckin’ great writer. Just got done with Lullaby.

There’s no reason to believe that BB stands for Bill and Beatrix, and you’re not fucking clever for saying it. The early script did, however, at one point refer to Bea’s daughter BB Gunn…

LMAO, really?

Do you know where in the script in mentions that? Thats pretty damn funny/clever if its true.

Edit - Ah, found it:


But…little did Quick Draw Kiddo

know,…that five-year-old B.B.

was only playing possum, due

to the fact she was impervious to



Another Palahniuk fan.

You post there?

Ever since I’ve read that, the only example I could think of was the Five Point Palm Exploding heart techinque.

No, I don’t post there, but I drop in every month to read the essay, browse the book club, and look at the Q & A. That, and I’m waiting for Palahniuk to post when he’ll resume answering fan mail.

Anyway, if you’re doing the homework, it isn’t too hard to find the hidden gun. You just kinda have to have your eyes open while watching the film. Sometimes its plainly obvious, and it just happens to be SO obvious you overlook it.

Like that fake arm Sands used to conceal hide his gun in Once Upon a Time in Mexico or the harmonica Charles Bronson plays in Once Upon a Time in the West. Things like that.