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guess what people wrote into my guestbook. Tons of compliments and positive comments. here are a few, just to show you how much this site is loved. :slight_smile:

The best site about QT in the world. Keep up the excellent work (Marios, Greece)

…upmost respect and keep on truckin’ dude, how fucking awsome is this site…(McKenzie , unknown origin)

Kewl Site, i’ve been on them all and this one rocks (McKenzie, unknown origin)

this is a great site (Emily, England)

I love Tarantino movies and I love this site! (Mathew, England)

Yes, yes, yes, i’ve been searching everywhere for a kickass tarantino place. accidentally found this one about a month ago, been here ever since cannot get enough. You’re doing such a great job, i just love it. the updates, forum, everything. It’s like tarantino heaven, so happy! (Jeremia, USA)

your website rocks (Kristijan, USA)

Very entertaining site, with incredibly adequate information, Tarantino would be proud. (Mr. Brown, Canada)

and u man who u r workin on the site u r doin ages than excellent u rule, etc. (Marios, Greece)

By FAR, and i mean this seriously, the best Tarantino and movie related site have came across in my internet surfing life. (Brian, USA)

This is the best Tarantino - Website, i have ever seen. (Stefan, Austria)

excellent site (Dan, England)

Hammergeile Seite (‘Bullieshit’, Germany)

Very good and exciting site! Congratulations to the webmaster! (Pierrot, Belgium)

You have the best site i’ve wanted about Quentin Tarantino ever. It kicks ASS!!! (Ryan, Canada)

A REALLY COOL SITE (Florian, Switzerland)

Thanx for having such a wicked site (Kim, England)

I thank God that i ran into your site which is regularly updated on news about my favorite director Tarantino. I have it bookmarked and visit it daily. Eveything you need to know about Tarantino is on this site and that’s great. Keep up the good work (Nikola, Former Yugoslavia)

thanks for the awesome site! I found it very entertaining to read about Kill Bill, you have tons of information and cool links (Charbax, Denmark)

Die Seite ist in meinem Buch der coolen Leute!! (Jonas, Germany)

Coole Seite!!! Kompliment!!! (Saskia, Germany)

GREAT SITE! (Jason, Canada)

cool site (luka, indonesia)

you have a fantastic super good site.I like it very much. I give you my award.(Robin, Sweden)

Respect for yer cool site. I’d say it’s one of the cooles fan-made-sites ever. The scripts are the most interesting part of your site. So, keep on doing the fine work. (‘tokyo2000’, Germany)

Nice site by the way! Keep up the great work! (Richard, USA)


What a COOL site!!!A treasure on the web (‘flowerhearts’, Sweden)

Hot page, really a hot page, guys.Excellent!!! (Matthew, Germany)

Deine seite ist ECHT GUT und informativ!! (Monica, Germany)

What a plenty much of informations! Congratulations and thank you for making me notice this COOL SITE (Antonia, Germany)

KLASSE. (Ben, Germany)

GEILE SEITE (Pimp, Germany)


that is one of THE BEST pages I ever have seen. Congratulation to these GREAT work (‘disillusion’, Germany)

Ach wenn Henry Miller, Arthur Rimbaud… noch leben würden…Sie würden diese Seite öfter anklicken… Alle Achtung… je l´ai inscrit dans mes favoris. (Francis, Germany)

Pretty cool page I like all the stuff you got here (Derek, USA)

The best page i had ever seen (Klaus, Austria)

Oh yeah baby, your site simply ROCKS! (‘RamBear’, Finland)

This is by far the best Tarantino site on the Net! (Gusto, Sweden)

well I hope your ego just flew through the roof…cause if it didn’t, I don’t know who’s you expected to have.

DAMN!!! mr brown from canada said your info was “adequate”. i didnt know adequate was a commplement. DAMN YOU MR BROWN FROM CANADA, at least call it slightly above average!!! j/k

The site being excellent is the only reason I stayed around so long :slight_smile:

check this out:

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[quote]incredibly adequate information[/quote]
yeah! What’s that supposed to mean?!

WHAT THE FUCK IS THE ANTI-TARANTINO PAGE. I wonder if greendestiny is an admin there.

Nothing blows my groove like haters. I’m superfly T.N.T, I’m the Guns of the Navarrone. We need to take em out. Call in the wolf on there asses.

This is the best site i’ve ever been to.

Same here! all the other ones suck! greendestiny sucks also! He annoys me for some reason…

Same here! all the other ones suck! greendestiny sucks also! He annoys me for some reason…

Can you name me some other sites, i’m curious about those

GEILE SEITE (Pimp, Germany)

haha i understood that, you playa!

edit: no spamming, guys

This board rocks. Sorry that I haven’t read the rules till today. I think I’ve broken about half of them. I promise I will try to refrain from breaking the rules.

Before I read this, I made another similiar thread because I love this website so much. most def. one of the best i have been to.

^-^ Cool

yeh this board and site rules all quentin tarantino-dom.

yeah! What’s that supposed to mean?!

The guys from Canada nuff said…

Aha, What a comments. All this thread is cool.