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Awesome QT Structure

Has anyone read the non-linear rendition of True Romance? I jut got through reading a great portion of it and I just thought it worked even better, the script is also filled with great lines, just look at this excerpt, Clarence and Bama just came out of the Lyric Theatre and they’re talkng about themselves and the triple feature:


Alabama Whitman. Pleased to meet ya.


Is that your real name? Really?


That’s my real name, really. I got proof. See.

She shows Clarence her driver’s license.


Well, cut my legs off and call me Shorty. That’s a pretty original moniker

there, Alabama. Sounds like a Pam Grier movie.

(announcer voice)

She’s a sixteen-calibre kitten, equally equipped for killin’ an’ lovin’!

She carried a sawed-off shotgun in her purse, a black belt around her

waist, and the white-hot fire of hate in her eyes! Alabama Whitman is Pam

Grier! Pray for forgiveness, Rated R… for Ruthless Revenge!

How great was that! I can’t believe it didn’t make the movie!

Yes, I’ve read this. So what?

I love that you’re enjoying this, Bio, but I have to sympathize with Eastern’s surprise a bit. That scripts been published and in the public’s possession for years. Old news. But I’m glad you love it as much as we do!

bio is a bit slow, he’s only catching up with the 90s :wink:

Have you guys read the Natural Born Killers script? They’re eating key lime pie at a diner in the opening scene, how awesome was that! :o

think true romance is the best script qt has written and one of the best of all time - sheer gold