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Audio recorder

Now i plan on filming on a super 8 camera in the near future and i’m looking for something to record the audio and voices as long as background sounds and noises and everything else. im starting from the ground up and need help for what exactly to look for.

Rodriguez used a Marantz tape recorder. I’d say a tape recorder or maybe even mini-disc. Or you could plan on doing foley sounds and dialogue all in post. Then just use something simple to record a guide track.

You can record on just about anything, but for a microphone you will need a good shotgun mike if you want to avoid ADR as much as possible. You will always do foley (sound effects) in post (You can use sound recorded on location if you want to as well, but it’s advisable to do it later to achieve the best sound). So the microphone is just for recording dialogue and it needs to be able to hone in on the mouth to avoid distracting sounds like cars driving by that will make the dialogue useless. Then you’ll need a boom pole for it (just make one out of a broomstick and tape or something).

I’d say a tape recorder would do fine. I’ve edited on computers and on a VHS tape-to-tape system, but never on film, so I can’t help you much more than with the basics of achieving good sound.

thanks. have you ever heard of a lion or tiger mike?